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BizWorth makes it easy for CPAs to grow their business with certified valuation reports.

– What We Offer

White-label Valuation Services for CPAs

Rather than hiring a valuation team or spending time writing your own reports, with BizWorth you get an in-house valuation partner focused on helping you deliver customized, highly reliable valuations designed to grow your business.

From our secure client portal and custom valuation reports to our in-house team of certified appraisers, we deliver a complete white-label valuation service delivered under your brand. BizWorth’s reports are prepared by in-house, NACVA certified appraisers and comply with all rules and standards of the AICPA and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

Drive More Revenue To Your Business!

Certified Reports Delivered Under Your Brand for Your Clients

How It Works?

Here’s how we help you increase revenue with certified business valuations done for you.

1. Setup Your Account

Set-up your account with BizWorth to gain access to your secure, branded portal (so you can track and provide input to valuations we conduct for you).

2. Request a Quote

Submit your valuation request(s) then schedule a call with your BizWorth Valuation Professional to receive your quote. Mark-up your report by as much as 2-3x above the discounted cost.

3. Upload Files

You (and your client) upload company information and files to your secure, branded portal. Management interviews and site visits are scheduled and conducted, if required.

4. We Prepare Your Report

Your valuation will be prepared by a team of certified business appraisers who are employees of the company (no contractors or 3rd parties). All valuations adhere to both company and NACVA standards.

5. You Review & Relax

Relax and watch your bottom line grow. Your valuation report will be sent to you (and your client) from your secure, branded portal for review.



Monthly Partnership Fee includes access to CPA-branded customer portal, premium marketing content and ability to set your own prices for valuation reports we deliver for you.

Because valuation reports are customized to the unique needs of each client, the cost of reports are quoted separately and are not included with the Monthly Partnership Fee.

Powered by BizWorth


PoweredbyBizWorth option is ideal when you typically need to build confidence in a valuation report delivered by an independent, certified appraiser. Monthly Partnership Fee includes access to customer portal, premium marketing content and ability to earn up to $1,000 per report.

Because valuation reports are customized to the unique needs of each client, the cost of reports are quoted separately and are not included with a membership plan.


$79/ mon.

– Why Partner With Us?

AICPA-Compliant Valuation Services

– Case Studies

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…Take Theirs!

“BizWorth is the only company we can find that has the small to mid-size business financial acumen that aligns with the way we do things. Our relationship with BizWorth couldn’t be stronger.”
Matt Gilbert
Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors
“We can’t afford to go out and hire a business valuator. By having BizWorth as a partner, with the branding and the way BizWorth provides business valuations, it helps us look like a much bigger company and offer more value-added services to our clients.”
Andrew Lowery
Valhalla Business Brokers
“I’m very happy so far with the service I’m getting from BizWorth. Your company provides very reliable business valuations created by certified valuators which eliminates the risk and enhances the reputation of my business.”
Victor Acosta
Plus Core Business Solutions

We’re Here to Make Life Easier, One Valuation at a Time

At BizWorth, we believe it’s your right to work with a valuation company that’s upfront, honest and transparent. Since day one, it’s been our goal to transform the way business valuations are conducted and delivered.

We’ve developed a straightforward, yet thorough approach that honors your time, budget and unique needs without compromising professional standards. Because when your business worth and professional reputation are on the line – so are ours.
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