A Certified Business Valuation Makes all the Difference

Are You Willing to Risk It All On An Uncertified Business Valuation?

It’s your time, money and reputation on the line. That inexpensive online valuation report may look sleek and polished, but is it certified? Is it reliable? When an uncertified business valuation can leave you vulnerable to risk and end up costing you everything – is the mystery worth the liability?

Sure, you might save a few dollars up front, but the repercussions of an uncertified valuation can be devastating. There are hidden costs that have monumental, lasting implications. Like failing your bank’s upcoming SBA audit or losing your client’s legal dispute. In an effort to expedite the delivery of your lightweight report, uncertified valuators miss key details that may cause you to lose money on the sale of your business – the same business you’ve sacrificed time, energy and resources to build.

Are you willing to gamble your time, money, credibility and confidence on a valuation company that disregards professional standards? Or are you ready to own your future by partnering with a valuation firm that believes you deserve the absolute best?

BizWorth Certified: Protect Yourself, Your Business and Your Livelihood

BizWorth Certified business valuation reports are created by certified valuators who adhere to the high standards set forth by well-recognized, accredited organizations.
Bizworth Certified | BizWorth

We deliver valuations to business owners as well as financial and legal professionals that are coherent, supportable and understandable. Not because we have to, but because we can’t imagine doing business any other way.

Expertise You Can Bank On

Our team of valuators are certified by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) – the most recognized and esteemed organization in the valuation industry.
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It’s essential that our certified valuators possess expert-level knowledge of business valuation methodologies and approaches. Even more important is their unwavering commitment to uphold and surpass professional standards and ethics. This unique combination, along with our simple, three-step approach, leads to airtight, credible and comprehensive valuation reports that empower clients to move forward with confidence.

What You Can Expect

A valuation that’s as solid as the foundation your business, profession and career are built on. That’s BizWorth Certified.

Our engagement isn’t finished until you’re confident in the value we’ve assigned to the business. Because while we know your BizWorth Certified report will withstand scrutiny, we won’t rest until you feel just as certain. When it comes to protecting the value of a business, you deserve to feel empowered and to have the advantage. With a BizWorth Certified business valuation in-hand, you absolutely will.

BizWorth Certified Business Valuation vs Uncertified

Ready To Learn More?

Before you know a business’ worth, take the time to understand what a business valuation entails, what it doesn’t, and how it can help you achieve your goals. We’ve combined our industry knowledge and expertise to bring you in-depth guides so you can better prepare for what’s next.
Valuation 101: Know The Basics

Never experienced a business valuation before? No problem. We’ll walk you through the basics of business valuations and the fine details, so you feel informed and confident to move forward.

Who Do We Work With?

Whether for your own business, a client case, an assessment, or a transaction, we can produce the right valuation for each unique situation.

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