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Simple, to receive a reliable business valuation that you can bank on. Our valuation reports are unbiased, easy to understand and follow professional valuation standards that are essential when your credibility and money are at stake.

First, BizWorth valuation professionals are certified, highly-educated valuation experts employed by BizWorth, whereas many other firms employ junior staff or subcontract to perform a valuation. Second, we follow a comprehensive process that produces reliable, credible valuations that are easy to read as opposed to valuations that consider only one valuation approach, overly emphasize financial ratios or provide limited explanation of value. Third, we are easy to work with. You will have 1-on-1 personal engagement and collaboration with your valuation expert and provide information using our simple, automated information gathering system. The valuation report you receive will be easy to read and not overly technical. On the flip side, CPA firms and other valuation providers can vary greatly on what they deliver to clients – reports range from overly expensive, technical reports to cheaply produced market summaries that lack substance and fail to adhere to professional valuation standards that can threaten your credibility and increase your financial risk.

We’re very proud of the team we continue to build at BizWorth. Our valuation professionals hold undergraduate degrees from well-known, accredited universities and many of our professionals also have master’s degrees in finance or accounting or hold an MBA. All BizWorth valuation experts are certified by a professional organization such as the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

We are first and foremost experts in valuation and a company’s value is rarely determined from its financial statements alone. Because no company exists in a vacuum, professional standards underscore the importance of considering relevant economic, industry and market conditions. We stay up-to-date on economic and industry trends from government publications, financial newspapers, and trade associations as well as access to 26 industry databases that provide information from the latest transactions of closely held companies to up-to-date research on valuation discounts and premiums.


Each valuation engagement is unique so we provide a custom, competitive price based on a company’s structure and the purpose of the valuation. For example, a holding company with three operating entities will take more time than a single-entity business. Valuation engagements for litigation purposes may also require more ongoing support than a valuation for a buy/sell agreement between the owners.

Simple, not all business valuations are equally reliable. Be wary of bargain-basement prices for valuation reports – some of these reports cost less than $500 and are provided by uncertified individuals as well as firms not adhering to professional valuation standards. These reports fall short of reporting guidelines and usually overemphasize financial ratios and market-based valuation approaches, raising potentially damaging questions of reliability and causing increased financial risk for your business.

The Process

A valuation engagement can take as little as five business days to complete once we receive all requested input from the client.

Yes, we can accelerate the process without sacrificing quality for a nominal fee.

The valuation report is valid as of the valuation date (i.e., appraisal date), which is the specific point in time in which the conclusion of value of the business applies. As time extends beyond the valuation date, the confidence level of the conclusion of value decreases. This makes sense because no business operates in a vacuum – markets and industries can change overnight; a company’s financials change month-to-month, even day-to-day.

At BizWorth, we focus on developing long lasting partnerships with our clients, providing you updates to your business valuation over time, as needed.

The requested documents can vary depending on the business itself and the valuation purpose, but below is a general list of documents we typically need for valuations.
  • Historical financials (~3-6 years, if applicable)
  • Articles of Corporation and/or other key documents like Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Completed Business Valuation Questionnaire; which includes:
    • Book Value Method
    • Adjusted Net Asset Method
    • Management’s expectations and perceived strengths and weaknesses

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Want to learn more about business valuations? Check out our Valuation 101 page to learn the basics. Topics include:

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