Valuations for Business Owners

Are You Confident in the Value of Your Business?

You are a business owner; an entrepreneur. A member of an elite group of Americans who identified their dream and fought hard for it to come true. You’ve invested countless hours, resources and made sacrifices that most people can’t even imagine and wouldn’t have the courage to attempt.

Your company depends on you to propel it into the future, and you depend on it. Whether that involves transitioning it to new ownership, securing capital funding for its growth, or reaching a new partnership agreement – your hard work requires and deserves a qualified, independent business valuation you can bank on.

Your business is likely your largest asset. You built it, now let BizWorth help you protect it.

Expertise & Reliability – That’s BizWorth Certified

Not all business valuations are created equal. Be careful to avoid less thorough, uncertified reports that may not hold water when closely examined. The experts at BizWorth will help you thoroughly research and pinpoint the reliable value of your company with a certified business valuation that surpasses professional standards and regulatory expectations.

Our business valuation reports are completed by NACVA certified valuators, are easy to understand, and offer exceptional value for such high quality. Not because we had to, but because we know your time is valuable and your bottom line is your company’s lifeline.

Why Does My Company Need a Certified Business Valuation?

The risk of using a less-than-thorough, uncertified business valuation could cost you thousands, even millions, if it doesn’t hold up to review and scrutiny. It’s not clear what you’ll be getting, leaving you feeling less than confident. Protect your hard work and countless hours you’ve put into your business with a thorough and professional valuation report built on well-researched data and crafted by credentialed experts.

With a certified business valuation, you can move forward with important transactions and enter into negotiations with ensured reliability, reduced financial risk, and unparalleled confidence.

A BizWorth Certified report will help position your business for the most favorable outcome in the following areas:

Go Forth With Confidence!

We’ve made securing a high-quality certified valuation report for your business convenient, hassle-free and cost efficient.

Still unsure? Explore our Valuation 101 and FAQs pages to learn more about BizWorth, our process and why a reliable valuation is essential to preserving the months, years and decades of hard work you’ve invested in your business.

Your company is successful because you refused to settle for anything less. Don’t risk it all on a lightweight valuation that can end up costing you everything.

Seek out the best for your business by contacting BizWorth today.

How Much Do You Really Know About Valuations?
Misinformation, partially informed opinions, and internet calculators can easily lead one down an incorrect – and costly – path.
Make Sure Your Valuation is Certified and Reliable

We deliver valuations to business owners as well as financial and legal professionals that are coherent, supportable and understandable.

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